This consulting subject covers a huge area. I will try to narrow things down some so that the important things are here and the others can be ignored for now.

I have experience and training in the following areas of energy and associated areas for practical and theoretical consulting:

    Petroleum Refining Consulting

    – It should be clear that this is my first love! I fell in love with the oil business even before I met the woman who became my (first) wife! I have spent about 50 years operating, managing, designing, building and using oil refineries, pretty much around the world. As an example, I investigated over 100 refineries for potential acquisition for Mr. Wyatt at The Coastal Corporation over a three-to-four year period. I have been inside most of those refineries personally and have reviewed extensive details for almost all of the rest, and we bought three of them. Since then (and after I left the company), Coastal got out of the oil business and was bought by El Paso Natural Gas. I would guess that I have had my nose in probably 200 refineries over the years. Since then, some of them have been demolished, some have been expanded, some are pretty much the same as before, and some have been moved to new locations.


    I have been in joint venture operations of various kinds, including the largest refining company in Germany, the finished bitumen and naphthenic oils leader of the World, and the first inland refinery in southern Africa.

    I have been involved in new processes, particularly in the area of heavy oil upgrading from three sides: research and design, construction, and operations, and this phase is not yet at an end.

    Geothermal Energy Consulting

    – I got involved with a project that subsequently went broke that was investigating the viability and the design of systems to harvest geothermal energy from super-deep wells or mines. For various reasons, mostly not connected with the technology, the effort failed, but I learned a great deal about geothermal energy in the process. As a result, I can provide some innovative views into the geothermal energy industry and its conception, construction, and operation.

    Electrical Production Consulting

    – I have been involved in some interesting projects for electrical generation using various fuels, “dirty” as well as “clean”, plus solar and wind energy projects. I am relatively familiar with most of the more exotic alternative energy systems, and I live about one block from a zero-CO2 energy facility for a central heating system (wood chips from our own commune forest) for all of the commune’s buildings. I have also been involved in combined cycle systems for conversion of waste refinery gas to energy (thermal and electrical).
    We also designed some major projects for giga-Watt-(1’000 mega-Watt)-sized power plants in various locations. These were interesting developments around the world, including for the above-ground section of the ultra-deep geothermal project described above.

    Oil and Gas Development Consulting

    – We have had the opportunity to do some conceptual designing for on- and offshore oil and gas development projects in unusual locations, and combined systems for systems starting at the reservoir and ending at the end-user control box and the portable LPG tank and the LPG/gasoline/diesel tank station. This sounds like “dirty” oil, but that is not always the case. For example, in African countries, using locally produced LPG for cooking to replace the fire wood collections that have been stripping the rain forest of trees and ground level foliage.

These are some of the areas where we have been active in consulting, and there are others as well that involve producing gasoil from heavy fuel oil at less than 10% of the cost (operating and capital) and energy use of conventional conversion facilities, and producing additional oil/gas from supposedly dried-up wells at the cost of the original facility that was economically attractive even in the days of $5 and $10 crude oil.

Do you have a problem or an issue? We prefer to call those “challenges” and “opportunities”: challenges to come up with solutions that satisfy the situation, and opportunities to make things better for all of us through clean and economically attractive solutions to your and our challenges.

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