We Sell Simple Hosting For Less

We can sell you inexpensive hosting from a first-class international hosting company headquartered in the USA (we are authorised re-sellers).

Simple hosting for one or a few more websites: CHF 4.95/month or CHF 49.50/year (alternatively USD 5.00/month or USD 50.00 per year).

The simple hosting package includes mail addresses ([email protected]), domain name parking, fast, free installation (almost one click) for WordPress and other software, website statistics, and many other advantages. Consulting by Hesser does your support, but in case of something serious or outside our control, the mother company has 24×7 chat and telephone support. Contact us if you just HAVE to know who the mother company is (it is NOT “Go-Sucker”).

How to do this? Contact us (phone, skype or email) and we will set it up for you – personal service.

We Can Help With Domain Names

We can help you find the domain name you want – assuming it is not taken – at no extra cost. We generally know the least expensive but still reliable domain name sources for the normal Top Level Domain names (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info and others), as well as .ch, .li, .de, .eu, etc. at everyday low prices, generally below CHF 10.00 or USD 10.00, depending on exchange rates for the international Top Level Domains (generally listed in USD) and the local names noted.

We can also help you find special new TLD names like .club, .name, .coffee, .business, and all the others you have seen, subject to any registration requirements.

We are not a domain name registrar. We will acquire the domain name(s) on your behalf as your agent, and you will be charged only our out-of-pocket costs (the cost for the domain name registration, including taxes, if any), and you will be the named owner. You will receive the annual renewal bill and notices.

This is a free service for Consulting by Hesser clients. Please do not expect any domain name assistance if you are not buying any services from us.

How to do this? Contact us (phone, skype or email) and we will set it up for you.

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