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Do You Have Problems With A WordPress Website?

Hello and welcome to WordPress Help!

WordPress is a wonderful tool for creating websites with a lot of flexibility and creativity. But, WP also has some points where one can get stuck if you don’t know all the ropes.

I can give you a hand with WordPress Help, and I don’t mean applause! I have a number of years experience with WordPress websites (almost ten) and I have around 40 WP websites online at this time. Here are a few: this site (obviously, it’s ugly but it is supposed to have excellent built-in SEO), Susan Hesser Realtor, David’s Birthday, Trakehner Gear, Jimmy Craig Websites. If you have a problem, I probably have had it also.

How Does WordPress Help Work?

I am willing to help you out, and there are a couple of ways we can do that.

  • I do it. You can give me the website coordinates, explain the problem, and make me an account as administrator (you can delete that when I am finished) and I will jump in and do it. Or,
  • We do it. We can sit together, either physically or on Skype, and work through the problem together so that you understand what went wrong and how you can fix it if it pops up again in the future.

In either case, WordPress Help is not expensive. I will charge you CHF 10.00 for each 10 minutes, or, if it works into a longer exercise, (and I will let you know in advance before this starts) CHF 45.00 per hour.

There may be some other options, like if your site is so old that it is unsafe and is not worth fixing, in which case we can talk about a new installation and a new website. I have some options that you might find attractive, both in terms of how the new website would look and also financially.

Contact for WordPress Help

You can

  • call me at +41 41 750-9949 and ask for Craig (he speaks English and German and understands most Swiss German)> If a lady answers, please speak to her (she speaks English, French, Italian, some high German and some Flemish) or leave a message on the machine if no one answers before it starts, or
  • Call me at +1 701 214 4900 – Skype answering system here, leave a message (voice or video) or better yet, send me a written message, or
  • call me on Skype at craig.hesser (please message first so I will answer you), or
  • write to me by email at [email protected].

If you don’t reach me directly, please leave your contact coordinates so I can get back to you.

Other Services and Products

Please look at the items in the sidebar (==>). If you need any other service that is listed there, please contact us via the means noted above for WordPress Help.

In short WordPress Help is here for you!


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