We try to be flexible in most things, and payments is one of them.

We prefer (and in some cases insist on) payment in advance. You can understand why, I think.

Means of payment:

  • Cash – we prefer CHF
    but will accept EUR and USD at a surcharge of 3.5% from the listed “Currency I have” price on Oanda.com http://www.oanda.com/currency/converter/ with the “Currency I want” being Swiss Francs – change (if necessary) will be in CHF. Please, nothing larger than 100 currency unit bills (maximum = CHF 100, USD 100, EUR 100).
  • PayPal – We will accept your payment to us made through PayPal with our payment in Swiss Francs. You can use money in your PayPal account, or make a deposit via a credit card, or use bank transfers or other methods, depending on the rules for your own country.
  • Bank deposit/wire transfer – please, in CHF on our end. We will accept a Swiss bank deposit on the same day, but for foreign banks, we require a delay of ten business days to be sure that the payment clears safely.
  • We do not accept checks, either personal or bank checks.
  • We do not accept travelers cheques.
  • We do not accept Bitcoin or other virtual currencies.

Note: If you are personally here, there are two cash dispensers just across the street from us. One is a bank – part of the Raiffeisen Group, and the other is the Swiss Post Bank.

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